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How to best Analyse your play after a poker session

Analysing your play after a poker session has become much easier with the creation of numerous poker analysing software. All professional players will analyze their game after each session, checking how they played, what they could have improved etc. but many new players donít. The main reason for this is simple; they do not know what to look for. A leak in peopleís games is what causes them to lose money, so they need to be spotted and fixed.

We will go through things that should help you when analysing your game.

Looking at big pots you won

This is a great indication of what you did right during a hand. You can see exactly how you got your opponent to put a large amount of their money in, and your betting patterns. This is a great tool for learning how to build pots.

Looking at big pots you lost

You may be able to spot an opportunity where you could have let your hand go, and use it to your advantage next time. Also looking for plays which you could have made at different stages of the hand, which may have put you in the drivers seat of the hand or reduced the amount of money you lost from the hand

Observing players you play regularly

If you often face the same opponent, it will give you a huge advantage over them if you learn how they play. Looking at hands involving them will give you an idea of their betting patterns, aggression, weaknesses and much more information about their game.

Observe players who beat you regularly

Facing an opponent who you can never seem to beat is a regular occurrence to some players. Finding out why they beat you is pretty simple when observing hands, so doing this is a must. Find a few hands where they have took a pot of you and try to make a connection between the hands. You may realise you are giving him too much respect and playing very weak against him. Also you may find a pattern such as seating arrangements. Maybe each time you face him you are always on the right of him, meaning you are always out of position when facing him.

Tilting Issues

Finding the root to your tilting issues can be found from analyzing several sessions. Maybe after an hour of play, once you take a bad beat you become tilted and lose your entire stack. In situations such as this, you can adapt your play and only play online poker for an hour at a time.

Periods of time

Like above, some players can only concentrate for short periods of time before becoming distracted. This is a big drawback in poker and if you find yourself losing money frequently after a certain period of time, you can pick it up from analyzing your play and can then sort your game out so you stop playing after a certain time.

These are just a few factors to consider whilst analysing your game. Many leaks will come from one of these above, so going over these could save you a huge amount of money.




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