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When to step away from a table - Part 2

In the first article of this series, we discussed two valid reasons for stepping away from the table. These were due to tiredness and excessive distraction, of which both will affect your poker game. Of course these are not the only reasons to stop playing poker and we will go through some more in this article.

Fun of the game disappears

When you find what you are doing boring and laborious, you will notice you wonít give it your full attention and dedication. The same applies for poker, if you are not interested in the game, you wonít play to your full potential and, more then likely, will lose a lot of money.

When you are not enjoying playing poker, which will happen to you at some stage or other, no matter how much you love the game, it is time to find something else to do. You must value your time over making money. You could be at home with your family instead of sitting in a dull casino or upstairs glued to your computer. Your passion will come back quicker if you take a break, so it will also help your bankroll to step away.

If you are not enjoying playing poker, you will not care about your actions meaning you will play losing poker.

When you have something else to do

No matter how juicy a game is, if you have something more important to do other then sit at a poker table or day, get up and do it! There are so many young people around the world skipping school because they are making $20/hr playing poker. They are just thinking about their short term gain when playing, but in years to come if they failed whatever they were studying at school, they may find themselves in difficult positions. Also nobody can predict the future. Poker may dry up all over the world meaning there cannot be any poker proís making their living off poker, so these kids who skipped school may regret thinking short term.

People also choose poker over family and work priorities. Iíve seen people skip days and days of work to play poker at the World Series of Poker. Iíve also seen people at a casino order a taxi to pick their children up from school.

You need to live your life, playing poker may make you a lot of money, but playing poker 24/7 for years and years of your life will bring you no pleasure. When you look back on your life will you want to be able to remember all the remarkable things you achieved or how many times you lost with AA after going all-in pre flop?




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